Gus Dahleh is an Accomplished Businessman

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Gus Dahleh is the Chief Executive Officer of Envestr Capital LLC, which is a commercial and residential real estate firm which has been acquiring distressed real estate in order to create a more friendly marketplace in which buyers can acquire real estate at a discount.

Gus Dahleh is an accomplished businessman in a number of disparate fields, but right now Envestr Capital LLC is the company that is exciting everyone. The firm has been able to develop key relationships with local and regional banks in the area in order to facilitate the acquiring of notes before the properties are listed on the open market—which can only help to lower prices. Potential buyers who are working through Envestr Capital LLC will also find financing is easier to secure due to the firm’s relationships with a number of lenders.

Envestr Capital LLC and CEO Gus Dahleh have also taken the initiative to hold forums on difficult topics like: “Where will the best opportunities in terms of locations and sectors occur?”, “Are today’s values really distressed, or are they just similar to historical prices?”, and “How can deal volumes in 2012 be resurrected?”